Preference #11 After you two break up

  • His POV
  • Niall: There she is, having lunch a couple of tables from me. She looks so happy laughing with her friends... Of course she looks happy, I broke up with her 2 months ago, she must have moved on by now... OMG she's looking at me, she cough me staring at her. Now she's smiling at me, I smile back at her. I can't believe I lost her, how could I be so stupid? I want her back. I need her back. "Stop looking at her like that, you're about to drool" Harry says, pulling me out of my thoughts. "Shut up!" I yell at him. "Niall are you ok? You have barely touched your food" Liam asks looking at me worried. "Yeah I'm fine. Can we just pay the bill and go?" The boys nods. Before walking out the restaurant, I look at her one more time. She coughs my gaze and waves at me. I miss her so much.
  • Liam: "C'mon Liam! Get off the bed!" Louis yells. Y/N broke up with me two days ago. She is moving with his family to Canada in a week and she said that she doesn't believe in long distance relationships, "Is the best thing for us Liam" she said with tears in her eyes, "But we can still be friends". Those words broke my heart. I've been hiding in my room, lying on her former side of the bed, since then. "I don't want to" I grumble "You have to get over her and move on. Starting with going out with me and the boys tonight." "I can't get over her." I sob, "She was perfect for me, she was the one... This is so unfair. I've never been so in love with someone." "It's gonna be ok man,. You will find another girl that's gonna be better for you, and if you don't, Y/N will be back in two years" Louis says trying to calm me. "You are not helping Lou." I sigh.
  • Zayn: I will call her, I have to call her right now. I pull out my phone from my pocket and I start to deal her number but Liam stops me. "You're not calling Y/N" he says taking away my phone. "Hhhow did you knew... that I was going to call heeer" I say slurring my words. "'Cause you are drunk and everytime you're drunk you call her and then regret it. Besides, It's 3am" "This time It's difffferent 'cause I'm not drunk" "Yeah right" he says sarcastically. "I'm not, I sweaar! Now give me my fucking phone back or I'll punch you in the face!" I yell angrily. "Ok Zayn but I warned you" Liam hands me my phone and I take it brusquely. "Hello?" I hear his beautiful voice and my heart starts to rush. I don't even know what to says but the words just starts to leak out my mouth. "I miss you so much boo, I want you back." I cry. "Ugh! not again Zayn..." she says annoyed "I need you Y/N!" "Baaaabe! hang up the phone and come here to cuddle" My heart stops for a second and my whole world destroys as I hear a man's voice trough the phone. "Are you... are you with someone?" I ask trying to hold back my tears. "I'm sorry Zayn but I have yo go. Please stop calling me!" I feel like someone is squeezing my heart. I can't believe she has moved on. I can't believe that she has found someone better than me. But I deserve this. I broke her heart once, now is her turn to break mine.
  • Harry: I wake up noticing a sleeping body lying next to me. I roll over hoping to feel her perfect skin against mine but my disappointment is big when I feel a strange body bumping with me. It's just an easy girl that I met last night, I can't even remember her name. It's been like this for 2 months, since Y/N broke up with me. Every night I've been going to clubs and inviting girls to my apartment trying to forget Y/N, and every morning I wake up wishing that she was the one sleeping by my side like before. Like before I screw up everything. I know I don't deserve her after what I did and I know I acted like the most stupid boy in the world, but what can I say? Everyone makes mistakes. The difference It's that most people learn from their mistakes, but I don't. I keep reliving them every night, making her impossible to forgive me.
  • Louis: The last four month have been a living hell for me. I try to pretend that I'm fine in front of my friends, but the true is that I'm not. I miss her. I miss her sweet good morning kisses. I miss how soft her skin felt when I touched it. I miss how she made my whole body tremble with just one look. I miss all of her and I want her back. I need her back. I don't know how I was so stupid to let her go. How I give up on us after just a few insignificant fights. I wish I would have fought for us, but now It's too late. She has moved on and has a new boyfriend. Someone that probably knows how much she's worth and that won't let her go no matters what.
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